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Whether modernizing legacy systems in agency-wide initiatives, or developing ground breaking interfaces for the software of tomorrow, IMG-Crown immerses our teams in your mission and aligns your technology suite accordingly. Our IT project managers, developers and business analysts take an approach that is centered on active listening and constant feedback, minimizing rework and streamlining the path to your IT solution.
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IMG-Crown assists clients in formulating and executing information technology requirement gathering plans. These plans provide roadmaps for businesses and Government agencies to make forward-thinking and informed decisions that have saved countless hours on program and development redesign and redirection. We institute best practices in IT management to implement a fine-tuned development strategy and schedule. IMG-Crown also performs continual audits of system performance to ensure overall product quality and identify functional areas of improvement to ensure the products we deliver are adopted seamlessly and within the specified scope, budget and timeline.

IMG-Crown develops and maintains a portfolio of websites, web applications, and services, while increasing the effectiveness, efficiency, and flexibility of each solution. Our team leverages Agile methodologies for all project work to ensure incremental delivery of value; enhanced user visibility and feedback on work in progress; and flexibility for changing requirements and priorities. User-centered design approach prioritizes the user experience and focuses on making information products more accessible, intuitive, and meaningful. Our team leverages existing investments in technology and introduces open source solutions to drive efficiency and scalability of solutions to ultimately provide a powerful, flexible platform for information sharing, content delivery, and deep data analysis and exploration. In support of existing products and mechanisms to collect and use data, our team focuses on delivering improvements to data transfer processes, developing post-load analysis and transformation routines to convert data into standard units, codes, and identify discrepancies in the loaded data, data visualization tools for analytics, and dissemination of complete datasets through the web.

Our Technology Solutions Areas of Expertise:

  • Development Methodology – Agile, Spiral, and Waterfall
  • Technology Stacks – MS Visual Studio (C#, VB), Oracle Application Development Framework, Angular JS
  • RDBMS & Open-Source – Oracle, MS SQL Server, MS TFS, Hadoop, HBase, Apache-Spark, & Kafka
  • Analytic & Visualization – Java, Python, MATLAB, SAS, MS BI, & MicroStrategy

Data Management

Software Development

Analytics and Business Intelligence

Software Testing

Data Management

IMG-Crown’s approach to database planning and design focuses on creating viable solutions for long-term success to meet client needs. IMG-Crown has designed countless databases for clients which allow for effective data storage for analysis, visualization, and publication. We build and maintain analytic databases and data warehouses. Working with program SME’s and stakeholders, we design and develop repositories to accommodate growth in data volume and complexity while providing for continuous upgrade in analytic capabilities.

We craft and implement validation procedures to ensure the quality of data that organizations collect and distribute. The procedures function through screening benchmarks and graphic depictions of historical trends – enabling us to isolate, investigate, and if necessary, correct anomalous data. We augment the benchmarks through comparisons with alternative sources and ongoing research into conditions that might produce seeming data inconsistencies.


  • Database Management System – Oracle, MS SQL Server, JSON, MS Access, MYSQL, SAS Datasets

Software Development 

IMG-Crown performs extensive web design and product specification development. Our expertise and full lifecycle support for web design, redesign, and definition for products/services/deliverables include, but are not limited to:

  • Defining and designing products/services according to user specifications
  • Advanced-level requirements analysis and definition – consulting with stakeholders – to ensure each product and service is defined and/or designed to, through its entire lifecycle, meet all user needs and business needs.
  • Plan, execute, document, analyze and report on interviews, focus groups, usability testing, card sorts, surveys, meetings or any other form of stakeholder and client involvement needed to produce excellent products and services.
  • Advanced-level information architecture and user-centered design to produce well-organized and well-designed web products; IMG-Crown produces a full range of user-centered design deliverables which include, but are not limited to:  sitemaps, taxonomies, thesauri, content inventories, task analyses, personas, scenarios, design patterns, wire-frames, labeling systems, and data/content models.

IMG-Crown also performs operation and maintenance of existing web applications, web-facing databases supporting those applications, web multimedia presentations, websites, web pages, and web content.  We have extensive experience with publishing web page content and data on a regular basis; developing and producing quality assurance reports for the updated products; and documenting all procedures related to those products.

We develop web-based analytics, visualization dashboards and applications – utilizing such software packages as Angular JS, React, Java, Python, jQuery and ArcGIS.  Agile methods, the mainstay of our development efforts, promote stakeholder inputs critical to tailoring dashboards and dashboard queries. The results are features that enable analysts to depict meaningful trends and perform statistical analysis of underlying factors.

  • Development Methodologies:  Agile, Spiral, and Waterfall
  • Agile Toolsets:  JIRA, GIT, GitHub, Jenkins, Eclipse, Redmine PIT, Confluence

Technology Stacks/Toolsets: MS Visual Studio (C#, VB), Oracle Application Development Framework, Angular JS, jQuery, Highcharts, Open Source Code Libraries

Analytics and Business Intelligence

IMG-Crown implements progressive, big data platforms for large-scale enterprise analytics, leveraging existing client investments with business intelligence technologies.

With expertise in data mining, statistical analysis, reporting tools and data warehousing, combined with deep subject matter and policy knowledge, IMG-Crown helps clients make use of rapidly accumulating streams of information.

Examples of the technologies and tools, that we use include:


  • Analytic & Visualization Tools: SAS, MS BI, Jaspersoft, Java, Python

Software Testing

IMG-Crown provides integration and testing support using industry best practices and strategies. We provide a full life-cycle testing support including test planning, execution and detailed metric reporting.

IMG-Crown supports a variety of testing methodologies and strives to deliver defect-free products to our clients. We also specialize in supporting the following testing and integration initiatives:


  • Requirements Analysis and Verification
  • Functional Testing
  • System Integration Testing (SIT)
  • Regression Testing
  • System and User Testing including “Parallel Production Testing”
  • Testing Toolsets: Selenium, HP UFT, SOAPUI

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